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Severe Bass » Number of the Beast!

Number of the Beast!
June 14th, 2010

So for whatever reason the other day I looked up the only youtube video I’ve uploaded (for now). It’s a cover of Jason Schwartzman’s “Ethan’s Song” (the credit music from Slackers), and it’s not my best effort but I do like the song. I’m playing in my bedroom from El Cerrito in a sweatshirt and my pj bottoms, so it’s pretty informal. All in all, I think making the video and putting it on youtube was less about sharing the song (especially that cut) and more about seeing what kind of quality to expect from my digital camera and youtube.

Anyway, when I looked it up, I saw that I had Six hundred and sixty-six views! Considering the video has been up for about a year n a half, that’s really not impressive in terms of quantity, but I sure do like that number. So I took a screen shot for everyone:

You can find the video itself here. It’s not my best cover, or performance, but I’m sort of happy with it. It’s always fun to get haterage on my musick – one of the comments is “You should never sing again ever” or something to that extent.


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