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Fer DoppMonster
June 14th, 2010

Strategy – A plan to achieve something
Method – The way you attack a project
Technique – A skill used to accomplish a goal
Tactic – A method used to accomplish a goal

You use all of them
Strategies and Methods are similar in that they are structural
Techniques and Tactics are similar in that they are more associated w. handling parts of the strategy

Strategies are somewhat laid out. You can approach setting up your strategy via methods, but methods are specific plans, whereas strategies are more comprehensive and general.

Tactics are specific methods to accomplish something – I think of them often as somewhat universal methods or approaches to solving a problem that can be applied to whatever is at hand.

Being a musician, I tend to think of techniques as learned skills – or at least versatility. When you practice something enough that it becomes natural, I see that as yer technique.

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