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Severe’s Bio

This site is run and about Anthony Severo. Anthony wishes he had a better bio, but until then, he will just tell you that he:

  1. Plays the bass guitar
  2. Sometimes goes by the nickname of SEVERE, a translation of his last name
  3. Tends to add the term SEVERE in front of things, especially BASS
  4. Enjoys typing in an internet-only “SEVERE slang” when feeling comfortable
  5. Resides in San Francisco and loves it
  6. Geeks out on things like the environment, technology, data, food, yoga, bikes, and movies
  7. Is mostly friendly and you can send him a message if you’d like, so long as you aren’t selling something. Unless you are selling Viagara. I’ve been looking for some and no one else on the internet has solicited Viagara to me (har har)

8. Looked like this when he was 20 and some people still might think he's Jesus

  • Tha OBAR!

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