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Severe Bass » Tweaking away (this is not about doing crystal meth)

Tweaking away (this is not about doing crystal meth)
March 16th, 2010

No, it’s about tweaking with this website thing (I just typed “twearking” and thought it was apt). I’m obviously dealing w. a dead template, but my posse says that doesn’t have to stop me. I got my brother to edit some of my php – I had it almost right, but missed a few pieces of code. I was additionally confused when reading the help guide and told to modify the “functions.php” file, which I couldn’t find. My brother realized he needed to create one, which I assume is not especially difficult – but don’t mean to undermine what he did. Once bro had that under control, I could start using widgets in my sidebars.

I then asked if he could get rid of one of those dumb-ass columns, cuz 3 is way better then 4 as far as numbers go. So he went in turned the original calendar code into an html comment, so (I think this what happened, right?) the css code ignored everything between the wickets. Next, he shrunk down the size of the right sidebars in the styles.css. All of this stuff makes total sense AFTER the fact, but I never would’ve know where to start.

So what’s next? Customizing the sidebars of course! I believe there will probably be even more tweaking going on there, as the defaults NEVER work for me, hah. In addition, certain html doesn’t seem to be recognized immediately by my janky theme (See issue w. the ul/ul and li/li wickets from previous entries), so that should be fixed. Also, I need to look into expanding my middle column (the header one) and start to tweak that. Playing around with pages is coming up – and then there’s the big item:

How to organize this all in a way that makes sense? Personally, I want to fuck w. all my permalinks and standardize them, then try to keep them in ftp as much as possible so if I ever switch hosting (or what-the-hell ever) I can make the switch easier. But what’s best long term? Will I eventually want to do a re-install of wordpress, losing the link? So many questions still remain. But, things are becoming clearer (after they get a little fuzzier at least!)

Stay tuned for the next drama….it’s almost like a soap opera except less corny (and little-to-no making out *sadface*).

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