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Severe Bass » My seeds came today!

My seeds came today!
March 14th, 2010



A few weeks ago, when getting excited about the upcoming summer, I joined a non-profit called Seed Savers Exchange, which is a “non-profit organization of gardeners dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds.” A cause I’m on board with!

It didn’t take me long to wrack up about $50 worth of seeds (the cheapest seed packet is $2.75, which contains anywhere from 25 – 100 seeds, depending on the plant). According to my SF Water Works calendar, I should be starting some plants from seed by now (Actually, should have got on it a while ago so hopefully will start it up this week/weekend). In fact, I’ve already seen some seedlings for sale at the Farmers Market. But, the point of this is I am totally pumped about growing a bunch of my own food!. Here’s what I got:

  1. Mexico Midget, Organic Tomato
  2. Empress Beans
  3. Wormwood (it’s proven to keep bugs away!)
  4. Black Beauty, Organic Zucchini Squash
  5. Genovese, Organic Basil
  6. Organic Cilantro
  7. Giant Italian, Organic Parsley
  8. Crisp Mint, Organic Letuce
  9. Mascara, Lettuce
  10. Hungarian Heart, Tomato
  11. Bull’s Blood, Beet
  12. Red Russian, Organic Kale
  13. Yugoslavian Red, Organic Lettuce
  14. Bloomsdale, Organic Spinach
  15. Gold Medal, Tomato
  16. Thai Basil

The Lavender (requested by a roommate) and Butternut Squash were on back order. So hopefully this week I can get at least some of them set up in some egg cartons so they can germinate. I have a vague idea how I want the backyard to be laid out…more on that later

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