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Severe Bass » Recordings from our last practice of 2012

Recordings from our last practice of 2012
December 22nd, 2012

I think me and my Bad Decisions have had a pretty awesome year altogether. We played some shows, fine-tuned a bunch of songs, had a lot of laughs together, and are gearing up for a killer 2013. Our last practice for 2012 was Tuesday the 18th and I brought my laptop along for old times sake. Thanks to some donated mics, they came out pretty good! It’s been a while since we did this, so we actually had a bunch of new (or improved) stuff that you may not have heard.

Let’s fix that shall we? For your listening pleasure I’ve posted some of our newer compositions or covers. They include:

    Our show opener “In Front of You”

  • [audio:http://www.severebass.com/content/sb-tbd-2012-live-frontofyousong.mp3|titles=In Front of You]
  • “Die In a Fire”, which is written for and dedicated to my friend Danny

  • [audio:http://www.severebass.com/content/sb-tbd-2012-live-dieinafire.mp3|titles=Die In a Fire]
  • our cover of Frank Zappa’s “Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?” which I am really excited about

  • [audio:http://www.severebass.com/content/sb-tbd-2012-live-ydoesithurt-2.mp3|titles=Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? (Zappa Cover)]
  • “Everybody Lies”, my version of a power ballad

  • [audio:http://www.severebass.com/content/sb-tbd-2012-live-everybodylies.mp3|titles=Everybody Lies]
  • “Sluttering (May 4th)”, our re-working of a Jawbreaker song (and the first song I ever arranged for solo bass)

  • [audio:http://www.severebass.com/content/sb-tbd-2012-live-sluttering-2.mp3|titles=Sluttering (Jawbreaker Cover)]
  • “The Misfits Medley” where we smoosh together Braineaters, Angelfuck, and One Last Caress by the inimitable Misfits

  • [audio:http://www.severebass.com/content/sb-tbd-2012-live-misfits.mp3|titles=Misfits Medley]
  • and “Fuck You Santos!”, our immensely popular song about my asshole neighbor who made my life miserable for months and who I eventually got kicked out of my house

  • [audio:http://www.severebass.com/content/sb-tbd-2012-live-fusantos.mp3|titles=Fuck You Santos!]

We have more tunes, but this is the stuff I think came out the best from that recording or is the newest and yet to be shared. I hope you enjoy, and be on the lookout for stickers, fliers, and some seriously Bad Decisions coming your way in 2013!

New stickers by Kristen Kong!

New stickers by Kristen Kong!

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