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Higher Education
May 17th, 2010

Sometime before I actually moved to SF, my plan was to do this for a few years and then return to graduate school (“this” being, work a decent, although probably low-paying, desk job at a non-profit while playing musick and generally digging San Francisco). My reasons for attending graduate school varied, although the general idea was so that I could become a better leader/force for change (as well as a better person). I was very much into this idea because I wanted to do JUST SCHOOL for a few years, giving me the opportunity to concentrate on the work at hand, as well as focusing on living the kind of day to day that felt right to me. Having done both school and work a few times, I’ve learned I get way more out of education when I don’t have distractions like “working some job so I can pay the rent”, which makes sense. However, I’ve been thinking…

What if getting my education means quitting my job and just immersing myself in what I want to do with myself?

This, for me, is radical thinking. I often take some of the “safer routes” in order to try to sustain a certain quality of life, so to speak. These safer routes are not always easy, or even logical, but they are safer. Example: Instead of throw myself into my music headfirst, I choose to first attend, and eventually graduate from, a reputable music school (with considerable financial help from my family). Not logical, and definitely not easy, but certainly safer then taking any gig that I could land and later trying to make ends meet through whatever I can find, month by month.

However, I’m starting to think there’s another way. It’s not right here or right now for me, but one of the reasons I’m starting this website is so that I can start to find and also create a network that is comfortable to me. Eventually, that network might be something I could live off. Or not. Doesn’t matter – what matters is that I want to connect with awesome people because I also believe I am awesome and have something to offer.

So what now? I prove how awesome I am.

In the meantime, I think about little things that would make my life more self-sustained. Ways I might not need to work a job in the traditional sense to have a place to live, food on my table. And then I could devote more time to my kickass life, and sharing it with other people. It’s not unheard of – lots of people do it. Lots of artists do it. At least so I hear, according to all of the inspiring people I follow on Twitter.

I’m pretty cool now – and with the right focus I could likely do amazing things. So maybe I can swing this kind of thing eventually. Stranger things have happened I’m sure.

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  1. Comment by danielle on May 18, 2010 3:37 am

    Do it! Sometimes you have to make the changes, and then the financing/sustainability will follow.

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