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Hello First Time Visitors!
January 31st, 2010

Heya! How do you know me? What got you linked here? That kind of thing is fascinating to me!

My deal is that I’m an electric bassist with a couple bands (and working on one of my own), who also does tech support/database management for an environmental non profit during the day. Any mutual interests yet?

This site is the beginning of the next step – whatever that means. I am Anthony – aka SEVERE. I like to call things SEVERE from time to time – especially BASS. A dumb saying I have for now is “Without SEVERE….it’s just Bass”. Why not play along?

Trust me, this site will only get better so please stay tuned…..

If you feel so inclined, you can Send me positive feedback! (or, you know, whatever kind of feeback you want. I’m not famous, nor do I like to discriminate).

I approach this same situation in a different way here: Who is this Severe Bass guy, anyway?

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