Severe Bass Needs A Drummer!

Historically, Severe Bass has been what I call my solo project (which until recently meant solo bass/vocal compositions and arrangements) and performed steadily between 2003 and 2007. However the goal for the last year or so (as of July 2010) has been to play these songs (slightly modified) in a hard rock/metal/punk power trio format. I’m playing with a kickass guitarist and drummer right now, so gigs (and hopefully an EP!) are in the near future.

As of now, I only have the original solo recordings, but we are working on getting a quick demo together and playing live soon. Please check back for updates!

MP3s are streamable, you can right-click to download. WMVs are not streamable yet, clicking on link will Save to your computer (at least it will if you are using Google Chrome)

Original Songs

Cover Songs

Videos (in wmv format):
Original Songs

Cover Songs

You can also check out my bandcamp, or Severe Bass on Myspace.

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