Goals for 2010

Taken from the archive:

  • Put together both a video and written solicitation to approach potential sponsors with (ie, bass guitar and amplifier manufacturers). Research the best way to go about initiating contact – Nope, not so much. Considering how much work I had to do just to keep one band afloat and get my own started, this didn’t seem like a big priority for some reason
  • Related to above, have done at least preliminary recording for Severe Bass w. band, if not having recorded EP (hopeful) – I give myself half credit for this – there are some recordings w. me and a guitarist, but no drums and it’s not very pretty
  • Continue attending Bikram yoga at LEAST 2 x per week, hoping to create an average that is closer to 3. Do at LEAST one double – preferably back-to-back if attainable – Well, I got pretty close to a year average of twice a week, but not very close to 3, so I also give myself half credit for this one. I did not do any doubles, the most I did was a 2nd standing series after one full class. But there’s plenty of time for yoga
  • Attend bike maintenance course – No, massive fail, without a real reason. I really need to do this this year
  • Garden with as much available space as possible in Spring/Summer 2010, paying attention to conditions and recommended crops – This one I did pretty good on! Check out some blog entires for more!
  • Get a raise at work – Actually, this took forever, but I did manage to get a 5% raise in August – and it was retroactive for the whole year!
  • Take a vacation for myself – I took a few days off for some me-time, but didn’t even sleep outside the city. I ended up doing a bunch of business stuff that weekend too, so it just doesn’t count.
  • Finish reviewing every taqueria in the Mission for Burrito-Quest!Close, but no cigar. I think part of it is that officially finishing this year didn’t feel right. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t want to eat any more shitty burritos
  • Tha OBAR!

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