A not atypical weekend
August 4th, 2013

Harking back to the old days of blogging, I decided to keep track of all the cool stuff I did this weekend!

There is an intentional double negative in the title. This weekend contained 3 types of activities: things I do regularly, things I do every once in a while, and things I do semi-regularly but with certain specific details.

So, speaking of #3, Friday started out with (almost) free tickets to see Bobcat Goldthwait do standup. I have never seen Bobcat in person before, but I have gone to see comedy at this club (Cobb’s) a few times since I’ve lived here. Then we said hi and got this picture that I look awkward in:


Note: I am a really big fan of Bobcat, and his set was a lot of fun. Apparently the early show before us featured a less enthusiastic crowd, but he seemed to think we were cool and told a lot of stories (in addition to his rehearsed standup).

The next day, J left to go to a bachelorette party for the night, leaving me to get into trouble. I chose to go shopping, make food, and watch movies.

Before I left to shop, I started some No-Knead Bread in the Dutch Oven, the first thing we’ve made in the D.O. You just mix the flour/yeast/salt/water and let sit for 12-24 hours for the “slow-rise”.


The first thing I set to work on when I got back was some potato-leek-cauliflower soup in the slow cooker. I found it here, who found it here:


Its just potatos, cauliflower, leeks, onion, carrot, broth, and some rosemary & s/p. Chop it up, stick it in the slow-cooker for 6 hours on low. Then blend as much as you like for consistency, and you have 6 quarts of soup!


(You will notice a quarter glass of beer next to it, that’s home-brew styled after the “Cooper’s Sparkling” australian brew).


Behind my slow-cooker is the beer tree I bought J, which can both sanitize (using an attachment) and dry beer bottles.

Next to it is fruit for kombucha! I’ve made kombucha a few times now and am trying to get more comfortable with the process. It’s supposed to be good for you, but I just like how it tastes and makes me feel. This kombucha has been brewing 3 weeks:


Most other people’s kombucha is a little darker than this, but this is SF so the weather isn’t too warm and I don’t get great airflow in my kitchen, so this is probably less fermented than other 3-week kombuchas.

I mostly follow this recipe to brew, using jasmine or oolong tea, and let sit on top of my fridge. Then I do a secondary fermentation in beer bottles, adding either ginger + lemon or juice + chia seeds. This time the ginger I got was kind of dry, so I did less ginger lemon than usual, and used fresh raspberries that I blended in my food processor.


My current kombucha bottling process is still a little annoying, but I’m getting faster at it (it’s all about planning!) I’m sure with some better bottles and brewing vessel I could make it go faster. This one involves funnels and saran wrap.


Now it was about time to go back to the bread I put together last night, but first I was a good boyfriend and swept the living room for the people who were going to crash here tonight:


(I also got our music room, afterwards I was temporarily distracted by my fretless bass, despite the air mattress)


Ok, enough bragging about our awesome apartment.

Next I had to roll the sticky gunky bread dough together into a ball, even though it had yet to really take on any sort of shape. So this really meant covering it in flour, which kept it from spilling out everywhere, giving it a sense of form.


Then I stuck it in the dutch oven I’d been pre-heating in the stove (although not for long enough), and let it do its thing. 45 mins later it was finished and lookin pretty good!


In retrospect, I should have let it rise for a little after “forming” it, and let the dutch oven cook up a bit. I also realized that my dutch oven is giant for such a small loaf of bread. But, it was easy and tasted good! Sweet.

During this I watched movies that I haven’t been able to motivate myself to watch. This included Gang Tapes (which was interesting if not a little draining), then The Girl Next Door (a disturbing yet incredibly well-made account of real-life torture – why do I do this to myself?), and then cleansed my palate with 48 Hours (ridiculous, but fun and easy).

It wasn’t over though, even when I ate the soup! The next day I went to a free concert at Stern Grove (a beautiful donated park in SF) featuring The Relatives and Shuggie Otis, which was awesome. I also got there right on time for the music and scored the best seats I’ve had at the venue:


(I snapped this picture during intermission, so no one is there, but the Relatives were amazing and Shuggie Otis is a funk-legend (who played bass on one of my favorite Frank Zappa tunes!)

Life coming full-circle. Then I came home and watched Herzog’s Grizzly Man, which brought back found memories of Alaska (oh yeah, I went to Alaska courtesy of my family and it was so wonderfully humbling – I will throw something together for that).

Now it’s Monday and life is back to normal as seems to happen on such Monday’s. Reality is full of deadlines and root canals (I wish I was lying about the root canals)….

Gigs for the end of the Year!
October 9th, 2012

Severe Bass and the Bad Decisions are coming to a dive bar near you (if you live in the SF area) for FREE at the end of the year! I am pysched that we have lined up three shows to end 2012 on!

First up, we are playing w. our friends Resistant Me (featuring Steve Bealey on guitar) from the South Bay, and Pharoahs (A hodgepodge of friends/previous bandmates) next week at the illustrious Grant and Green! (Conveniently located at Grant & Green in SF’s North Beach). Things kick off at 9 pm, we will be 2nd of three killer bands. Come get drunk w. us!

We will RAWK

I am not a Graphic Designer

After that we are coming back to San Jose’s best dive bar, Johnny V’s for a Thursday night show on December 6th. Details are forthcoming, but I would get there at 830 and wait anxiously!

And to end the year, an afternoon outside happy hour show at Thee Parkside in San Francisco’s Dogpatch. We take the stage at 4 pm! There are drink specials all day, and we will be followed by Sean O ‘ Brien and his Dirty Hands at 5, then Communist Kayte will finish things off at 6 pm. This is in place of the October 13th show we unfortunately had to reschedule.

Come grab a beer, mosh with your friends, and sing along to “Fuck You Santos”! You know you wanna..

April 28th, 2011

So one of my heroes, Amanda Fucking Palmer recently (as in yesterday) did a really cool project in which she, (her husband) Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds (of the Five) and Damian Kulash set out to write, record, and mix 8 songs in 8 hours. They did all this in Allston too, which is kind of cool, cuz that’s where my punk band used to do it’s thing!

They ended up with 6 songs in 12, which is a nice compromise. Since the album dropped (on bandcamp for a minimum $1 donation), there’s been challenges to cover and record videos ASAP in the spirit of fast production. BTW, the $1 donation goes to the Berklee City Music Network which was set up by my alma mater as “a charity which provides kids with every opportunity to see their musical potential.”

I love a challenge, so took a second listen to the tunes and decided to try and record a cover version. This is the most barebones thing I’ve ever released to the internet, but I think it’s a good idea. I ended up choosing “One Tiny Thing” mostly because it had the most driving rhythm (and least amount of piano, which is the hardest to duplicate on the electric bass). The straightforward beat was another factor.

If I had more time on this I would certainly flesh it out (and tweak some of the vocal effects a bit more) but since this is all about doing it quick, I’m calling it FFN! (Finished For Now). If I were to go back to it, one of the first things I would do is add a little acoustic guitar to the chorus, and put some extra percussion in there. However, I took this challenge upon myself at 10:56, and it’s now 12:29 and, I should probably go to sleep since I have work in the morning.

So here you go, my version of 8in8’s “One Tiny Thing”, embarassingly under-recorded, and probably full of mistakes since I barely listened to it before publishing it. Enjoy!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Better Late Then Never
January 6th, 2011

Read it in...

On just about anythang ah suppose, altho this title is really because it’s a few days behind the New Year ta be writin a post about time movin on. But ahma dae it anyway.

Last year, ah wrote a post about how ah don’t believe in resolutions, but instead believe in goals. Sadly, ah failed almost every one of those goals this year. (my actual score was 2 n two-halves [two of em ah feel ah did about half tha time er gawt halfway thar], out of a potential total of 8). Ah don’t feel bad about all of it, but ah was thinking about why ah couldn’t reach these goals, n ah came up with a few things.

What it all boils down ta tho is that these weren’t tha right goals fer me. Ah did many many other thangs – ah accomplished a lot of tha brainstorm ah had last February about whar ta put my intentions. Ahm nawt quite as far as ah wanted ta be, but neitha tha werk ah did on myself nor any of my projects is reflected in tha goals ah identified in January – nae matter how well intentioned they were.

So this year ahm gaein ta put more emphasis on intentions n outcomes. N ahve really realized that what ah dae ken be driven by three werds:

Musick. Yoga. Friends.

Ah consider Family in thar with Friends, but ah think what this really means is that what ahm daein should be with those three thangs considered. Of kerse that doesn’t mean ah can’t garden next year, er that bike maintenance isn’t a priority, er that ah don’t want more money (for tha record, ah would love more money), er my day job isn’t important. It just means that when ah have time fer myself, ah should check in n make sure that ahm daein what ah ken ta pursue these three thangs.

Why they are important ah think is obvious, but ahll gae intae them briefly. Fer musick, ah really need ta be makin sure ahm puttin my best effort forth ta bein an active n continually improvin musician. That means learnin more about tha ways ah ken record my own music on my own time, writin more songs, n practicin regularly. It’s a growin year – time ta find my voice.

Yoga is increasingly becomin more important ta me because it teaches me nawt just about my body, it reminds me ta keep payin attention ta my body n how it is doing. It ken help heal that body when it’s nawt at it’s best. Thars also what it ken dae fer my mind – bikram yoga helps me keep thangs in perspective n generally retain my composure. It brings a lawt of things intae perspective, n ah love tha journey that it’s takin me on.

Friends, as ahve mentioned, is overarching n really means those who are special to me, related er not. Sometimes ah need ta be reminded that ah need ta take effort – even if ah feel like ahm almost always tha one takin tha effort. Tha effort in tha act of initiation is greatly outweighed by connectin n reconnectin with othah humans, especially those with tha ability ta make me think (er crack me up).

Anyway, ahm werking on tryin ta keep my posts brief (both fer writing sake, but also because translating them intae Severe Slang is easier), so ah will sign off with the question – whas important ta you in 2011?

Thanks fer reading!

P.S. If you want to see what goals ah did n did nawt keep, see here.

P.P.S. Pics from tha Severe Bass n tha Bad Decisions gig are here!

Severe Bass Has Launched!
November 18th, 2010

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Aftah months of searchin, ah have a band! Severe Bass and the Bad Decisions rawked Ireland’s 32 last nite (11/16). Tha show went pretty good fer what ah could tell! Ah try ta gauge “effectiveness” on whether er nawt a)tha folks watchin are havin fun, n b)tha band is enjoying themselves. Last night both criteria seemed ta apply. In othah words, ahm callin it a success. Note: This daes nawt mean that tha songs were played ta thar perfection, we all made some mistakes, but ah expected that. Gawta git those first show jitters out!

It has been so long since ahve fronted a band, ah really didn’t know what ta dae at times. Ah tried ta keep tha band movin along n tha patter ta a minimum. Durin tha songs ah did my best ta play tha bass and sing as well as possible, n when ah wasn’t singing felt tha need ta bang my head ta show that Ah fawkin mean it when ah play. Ah have been playin solo fer a while, so ahm sorta used ta what it feels like ta stand in front of a microphone n sing. Howevah, tha second we finished our sound check ah realized ah had only played as a solo musician twice since movin ta tha area 3 years ago. One of those times was actually at Ireland’s 32 (March of 2008), n they even kicked me off early as a solo act, Ah was in both the preceeding and next band, so it just meant that ah drank two beers really quickly – then gawt back on stage. Ah play phenomenally when ahm angry, which is tha only good part of that experience.

Anyway, ah am really appreciative of tha folks that came out, as well as Chris Rodriguez fer hookin us up w. tha slot. It was really cool ta git a taste of what it feels like ta front a band with 10 more years of musickal experience, n ta hear tha songs in a live environment. Ah can’t honestly say it was tha most fun ahve evah had, but ah think aftah a lil more practice, daein this will be more comfortable n relaxed.

Gawt ta admit, ah feel like ah have a lawt of catchin up ta dae if ah want ta be tha frontperson/songwritah/bandleadah. It’s hard work – luckily my band is pretty cool. N ahm nawt afraid of hard work 🙂

First Severe Bass and Band show!
November 16th, 2010

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HOLY SHITE!!! Ah can’t believe ah fergawt ta tell you folks – Severe Bass is performing it’s FIRST SHOW EVER with a backin band! Severe Bass n tha Bad Decisions (working name) will be tha featured band at Ireland’s 32’s open-mic nite, TONITE at 9:30. It’s gawna be awesome!

Ahve been playin with Steve Bealey on guitar all year n Cameron Fleischer on drums since July n we are proud ta present a full on band experience. It has been over 10 years since ah fronted a band, n ahm both super excited as well as a lil bit nervous!

Tha songs will be a mixture of originals n cover songs originally written/arranged fer solo bass n voice, but have been re-worked (again) ta make room fer sweet guitar leads n thunderin drum fills. Please come check it out – it would mean a lawt ta me.

Especially if you have been waitin fer an excuse ta bang yer head (er just laugh at me when ahm in the throes of rawk-stardom), Severe Bass will be rawkin just fer you tonight at 9:30. Join us, won’t you?

Worst Concert Experience Ever!
September 2nd, 2010

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Ahd been lookin forward ta tha August 31st show at tha Cow Palace, featurin Slayer, Megadeth, n Testament fer MONTHS! N then tha Cow Palace had ta gae fuck everythang up. Great. Thanx a lot.

Note: This is nawt a review of tha performances of these bands, or even tha show itself. This is merely my documentin my experience at tha aforementioned show with a whole lot of complaining about tha overall lameness of tha venue.

First, some background. This show was originally scheduled for January of 2010. Ahd been tinkering with the idea of gaein, but eventually ended up having a gig of my own that night, so ah called it a wash. However, ah had not realized that this show ended up bein cancelled because Slayer singer/bassist Tom Araya needed intensive back surgery. While it’s a bummer (but nae surprise I guess – guy’s been headbanging fer 30+ years) that Tom needed back surgery, it did work out in my favor when ah found out that tha show was rescheduled fer August 31st sometime in March. Ah bought a $50 ticket w.o hesitation.

Over tha months, ah knew this show was coming up, but couldn’t really visualize tha experience. At all. Eventually, tha date finally came, n ah found myself about ta rawk out ta 3 killah thrash metal bands. Ah was especially lookin forward ta seein Testament (n had been fer months), as ah was not as familiar with them n had nevah seen them live (this bein my 3rd time seeing Slayer and 4th seein Megadeth). Ah eventually figured out gettin there via Muni (er what ah call, tha loserbus) wouldn’t be too bad, so planned on that. Somethang told me nawt ta ride my bike there, n ahm tryin ta gitt bettah at listenin ta tha voice in my head.

Admittedly, ah left a little later then intended. Ahd hoped ta leave around 7 pm (when tha doors opened), but didn’t git out of tha house fer a bus until more like 7:30. Nae bother, it should only take a half hour to git inside. Hopefully ahd still catch some of Testament.

Aftah two buses, ah was at tha venue, n thangs started crumblin down at that point. Tha line was unimaginably long. It curved around tha outside of the parking lot, then swung back around (past tha entrance) to tha parking lot gates, whar ah gawt in line. In retrospect, ah should’ve moved on and cut. But ah was alone, n while an asshole, ahm nawta douche.

Ah waited in that line fer probably 40 minutes, tha beginning full of ticket scalpers n a few t-shirt sellers (fer 10 bucks, a good, but likely illegal, price). In that time, Testament (who mustve started right at 8), finished thar set (ah found this out about 15 minutes in from someone in line, who’s friend called ta say that they were awesome, n also, ovah). Ah wondah how they felt knowin so many fans were outside?

Megadeth also played one of their albums (one of their best ones) in it’s entirety before ah actually gawt ontae tha concert floor (ah literally walked in during the outro of tha last song off “Rust In Peace” n asked someone what ahd missed ta confirm they played tha whole album). They played another 30 minutes or so – an uneven set of classics n a few singles. Unfortunately they sounded awful – but ah don’t think it was thar fault. Tha drums were tha loudest thing in the mix. Mustaine’s vocals only cut through about half the time – n his voice has obviously dropped since the last time ah saw them. Thar was no bass in tha mix, n tha guitars, while audible, had nae presence. In retrospect, it sounds like they just kept the Slayer settings on fer Megadeth, a drastically different band. Whoever did sound fer them that night should be ashamed. At first ah thought maybe it was just whar tha mixing booth was, but latah realized ah was maybe 10 feet ta tha right of it. Poor job. Megadeth looked like they were playin pretty well, n most of tha crowd seemed ta love it.

Ah thought about gittin a beer at one point, as tha Jack Daniels ahd drunk before leavin was startin ta work its way out of my system, but upon further inspection found that a)coors light draft beers were 8 bucks, and b)in order ta have tha privilege of buyin one you had ta stand in another huge line ta git a wristband. Ah decided nawt ta give any extra money ta tha Cow Palace n instead found a place ta sit fer Slayer.

Ah found a good one – center stage in the first balcony. This meant ah was very far from tha stage – but could see everythang decently n also watch tha crowd in every part of tha floor. As a people watcher n mosh-pit enthusiast, this was a prime area, especially since ah was a little tired of standing n just wanted ta git my brain blown away by Slayer at this point.

Of course, first ah hadta sit through a super long sound check, in which it seemed like EVERYONE near me smoked at least 2 cigarettes. So ah was both buzzed (good) n lightheaded (not as good) from a ridiculous amount of second hand smoke. My clothes stink, btw. Even as a cigarette smoker ah nevah liked indoor smoking venues – not that tha Cow Palace allows smoking. It’s just that this is California n most of tha big venues don’t pay attention ta this shite, especially nawt junky ones like tha Cow Palace (tha Regency Ballroom, maybe).

Tha good news is, Slayer was out of sight n they sounded great. The light show was also spot-on. Ah love Slayer fer a lot of reasons, but they really are tha LOUDEST fawkin band on tha planet. They had two walls of Marshall Half Stacks – 6 x 3 on each side, with two other larger speakahs underneath tha drums. Ah could feel tha bass drum rattling my body. Ah felt beat up afterwerds, even without gaein intae tha pit. Musick is powerful stuff.

Ah also gawt a chance ta really marvel at how tight n together this band was, even when they were playing musick that didn’t really werk together. Seriously, every solo they played was a mess of noise n technique without much (if any) thought behind construction, music theory, er scales. Nonetheless, they were meticulously planned out n that really helped push tha atmosphere past that of just anutha rock band.

(Side note – they played AC/DC fer pretty much all of thar filler music. That threw me off guard. Not cuz AC/DC isn’t awesome, but is that 1)Really what Slayer listens to, n 2)Really what Slayer thinks thar fans listen to?)

They played for a pretty long time, although they didn’t play an encore. It seems big bands don’t feel tha need to do this anymore? What gives? Ahve seen Faith No More, Danzig, Tool, n Slayer this year. Only Danzig did an encore. Big bands are supposed to dae one, if not two encores, so long as tha fans want it, right?

Aftah tha show ah wasn’t sure tha best way ta gae home – ah was perfectly willin ta pay tha surcharge n avoid tha loserbus (ie, take a cab), but a bus pulled up just as ah was passing tha street. Ah gawt in line, n soon realized ah could be wastin tons of time by takin the loserbus fer this reason: Tha vast majority of tha riders did nawt have a Muni pass. This meant they all hadta pay tha $2 toll – which takes time. In tha time it took one group of people ta pay thar toll, tha crosswalk had gone a full rotation, n allowed another group of concert attendees across tha street, which promptly scurried towards tha muni line. Ah can’t say how many times this happened, n ah knew that ah could prolly walk ta Mission Street in tha time it would take tha bus ta get thar, but felt like ah needed ta stick it out fer tha sheer hilarity of tha situation. Besides, it was only 11:30 (ah guess Metal Bands have early bedtimes now).

Anyway, ah made my transfer shortly thereafter n was home quickly. Then ah opened up a can of my favorite ginger beer, Bundaberg (from Australia, but purchased at a bar down tha street from me), n drank that while ah slowly realized that this was tha worst concert experience ah may have ever had. But Slayer was fawkin awesome, n ah drank a Bundaberg, so ah guess ah can’t complain. Ahll just know bettah when ah gae ta tha Cow Palace next time.

Number of the Beast!
June 14th, 2010

So for whatever reason the other day I looked up the only youtube video I’ve uploaded (for now). It’s a cover of Jason Schwartzman’s “Ethan’s Song” (the credit music from Slackers), and it’s not my best effort but I do like the song. I’m playing in my bedroom from El Cerrito in a sweatshirt and my pj bottoms, so it’s pretty informal. All in all, I think making the video and putting it on youtube was less about sharing the song (especially that cut) and more about seeing what kind of quality to expect from my digital camera and youtube.

Anyway, when I looked it up, I saw that I had Six hundred and sixty-six views! Considering the video has been up for about a year n a half, that’s really not impressive in terms of quantity, but I sure do like that number. So I took a screen shot for everyone:

You can find the video itself here. It’s not my best cover, or performance, but I’m sort of happy with it. It’s always fun to get haterage on my musick – one of the comments is “You should never sing again ever” or something to that extent.


June 1st, 2010

I realize I am a little late to the game on this, but I am still getting better at this “blogging in a relevant time frame” thing. I hope it makes you feel better that I started this post on May 17th, the day after his death.

Irregardless, I strongly feel the need to write a post in memory of the most awesome, Ronnie James Dio, who passed on away on 16th b/c of stomach cancer. A man of his stature deserved a longer life and a less painful death. From his wife’s statement, it sounds the legend at least went on after seeing many personal friends.

I was never a massive Ronnie James Dio fan – in that I listened to him endlessly or followed his career actively throughout the years. I knew a few of his songs, appreciated him as a rock legend, and deeply respected what he did for the genre. However, upon retrospect, he had one of the most solid careers in the hard rock music industry. And he never sold out or went on reality tv – he just kept making and performing musick. Reading a brief biography of his is inspiring – studying an in-depth one written by a fan is flat-out humbling.

Personally, my favorite of his music is actually from his solo portfolio. While his work w. Rainbow and Black Sabbath is beyond impressive, I feel like the that was just the beginning. He’s obviously most famous for his song “Holy Diver”, which is one of the best rock songs ever. That’s no hyperbole – the more you listen to that song the better it is. Harder rocking then anything Sabbath ever put out, darker then Led Zeppelin. He was a force – someone who knew that the best thing they could do – for themselves and everyone involved, was to write, record, and perform rock music. Thank you for that, Mr. Dio.

He also helped popularize the universal “horns” symbol, which I think its quite fitting. It’s the pure embodiment of the genre and the vibe, without being trite, or a glorification of excess. You’ll notice there’s no “Behind the Music” for Dio, because there’s no tragic emotional breakdown, or crippling drug addiction, or larger then life ego that consumed everything. Ronnie James Dio just rocked for over 30 years, and did it with style.

While I was quite saddened when I heard the news, I have to admit that it has been a gradual acceptance and realization for me, which has hit me a little harder then I was expecting. The amount of respect I have for this man and what he has done is very hard for me to recognize. Mr. Dio has always been one of those musicians that came up in passing now and then – and when you checked him out finally you felt like you had been missing out on a great secret of the world. The more I learned about him, the more I have respected him. His career is most inspiring – a real champion of the music world. Exactly the kind of person I want to be.

I had the honor of seeing Dio in concert, one I barely appreciated at the time. It was 2002 at Merriweather Post Pavillion. Motorhead, Dio, and Iron Maiden. I don’t think we made it in time for any of Motorhead (who I’d seen recently w. Anthrax), but we did catch the whole Dio set. I have to admit I was not completely engaged the whole time, but I did know I was watching a legend (from very very far away at least).

Mr. Dio is an aspiration to hold oneself to. For his music, his method, his genuine nature, and his incredible talent, I am continually saddened by the thought that he is no longer with us. However, the fact that this post is but a small (and likely rarely read) contribution to this man is proof enough that he will not go forgotten. Long live the spirit of Ronnie James Dio, the spirit of rock incarnate. Full horns, Mr. D. Full fucking horns.

Tweaking away (this is not about doing crystal meth)
March 16th, 2010

No, it’s about tweaking with this website thing (I just typed “twearking” and thought it was apt). I’m obviously dealing w. a dead template, but my posse says that doesn’t have to stop me. I got my brother to edit some of my php – I had it almost right, but missed a few pieces of code. I was additionally confused when reading the help guide and told to modify the “functions.php” file, which I couldn’t find. My brother realized he needed to create one, which I assume is not especially difficult – but don’t mean to undermine what he did. Once bro had that under control, I could start using widgets in my sidebars.

I then asked if he could get rid of one of those dumb-ass columns, cuz 3 is way better then 4 as far as numbers go. So he went in turned the original calendar code into an html comment, so (I think this what happened, right?) the css code ignored everything between the wickets. Next, he shrunk down the size of the right sidebars in the styles.css. All of this stuff makes total sense AFTER the fact, but I never would’ve know where to start.

So what’s next? Customizing the sidebars of course! I believe there will probably be even more tweaking going on there, as the defaults NEVER work for me, hah. In addition, certain html doesn’t seem to be recognized immediately by my janky theme (See issue w. the ul/ul and li/li wickets from previous entries), so that should be fixed. Also, I need to look into expanding my middle column (the header one) and start to tweak that. Playing around with pages is coming up – and then there’s the big item:

How to organize this all in a way that makes sense? Personally, I want to fuck w. all my permalinks and standardize them, then try to keep them in ftp as much as possible so if I ever switch hosting (or what-the-hell ever) I can make the switch easier. But what’s best long term? Will I eventually want to do a re-install of wordpress, losing the link? So many questions still remain. But, things are becoming clearer (after they get a little fuzzier at least!)

Stay tuned for the next drama….it’s almost like a soap opera except less corny (and little-to-no making out *sadface*).

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