Goals for 2010

Ahve prolly said it before on this blog, but Ah Don’t Believe in New Years Resolutions. Ahm all about personal improvement, n appreciate that it does facilitate many people examinin thar lives n makin conscious efforts to better themselves. Howevah, ah always have thought that if thar was somethang you should fix about yerself, you should implement it as soon as possible, hopefully immediately upon realizin this. Ahll admit, ah can’t always implement change immediately myself, but think that ahm relatively good at fixin my bad traits (if ah wish ta dae so at least).

However, 2010 seems pivotal to me, n ah think that havin some concrete goals to work for (n hopefully accomplish) will be helpful in reachin more of my potential this year. These are subject to change, howevah, tha initial spirit will try ta be kept if edits are made.

So here’s Severe’s List of Goals for 2010:

  • Put together both a video and written solicitation to approach potential sponsors with (ie, bass guitar and amplifier manufacturers). Research the best way to go about initiating contact
  • Related to above, have done at least preliminary recording for Severe Bass w. band, if not having recorded EP (hopeful)
  • Continue attending Bikram yoga at LEAST 2 x per week, hoping to create an average that is closer to 3. Do at LEAST one double – preferably back-to-back if attainable.
  • Attend bike maintenance course
  • Garden with as much available space as possible in Spring/Summer 2010, paying attention to conditions and recommended crops
  • Get a raise at work
  • Take a vacation for myself
  • Finish reviewing every taqueria in the Mission for Burrito-Quest!

This list is a work in progress

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