All Around Me Ants!

It’s August 22nd, I just had a pretty successful recording session with Steve, the guitarist for Severe Bass, and I feel like posting something. This is by no means a finished product – I probably won’t be able to record something I consider “finished” with what I’m working with. The most I can hope to record w. what I have is a demo (likely sans-drums). But I’m happy to have some recordings that are a little closer to what the band actually will sound like, so I decided to post this.

Guitar tracks for 4 songs were laid down today (on top of existing click, bass, and vocal tracks) in Audacity, using my Fast Track Pro (recently purchased). It was a little tricky as I was getting a lot of clipping for some reason. Eventually we figured out to send Steve’s preamp-out into a mixer, and then from the mixer into the Fast Track Pro, which allowed me to get a decent volume w.o confusing my poor set up. I’ve decided to post “Ants” above the other tracks for a few reasons:

  • This is one of, if not the first, songs I ever wrote and played with a band. It is almost DEFINITELY the first song I ever played without a band
  • Some good friends of mine would probably consider this my “trademark” song, so I really want them to hear it develop, and
  • I love how it sounds – Steve did two takes and both sounded pretty close to each other, so we decided to use them both. This is most noticeable in the solo. One take is panned all left, the other all right.

Anyway, that’s enough blather. Here is the first Severe Bass song to feature guitar in 3 years. (Click to listen in a new window, right click to download [downloading sounds better])

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