HMT – 11-3-28
March 29th, 2011

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Next week ah promise nawt ta use a youtube video.

But fer this week, here’s a clip from tha DVD Sphinctour (gawta love that name) from tha almighty Ministry. Ah remembah bein just a lil too young ta convince my folks ta let me gae ta tha Ballroom in DC fer this concert, n man am ah disappointed ah missed this spectacle. As you’ll note if ya click, tha dvds are out of print n only sellin fer big money. Last year you could find them fer half this, but ah still haven’t bought one yet. (sadface)

As ya can see, they were one hell of a band – especially in tha mid 90’s. Why isn’t thar more musick like this bein made these days?


HMT – 11/03/15
March 15th, 2011

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HMT stands for Heavy Metal Tuesday so git excited! Ah was nawt heavy metal in tha slightest this weekend, instead ah celebrated my 30th birthday (nawt metal) by gaein ta Monterey (nawt metal) because Ah wanted ta check out tha aquarium (awesome but nawt metal) n spent my actual birthday eatin vegetarian Chinese food w. some good friends n drinkin fancy drinks (nawt metal, nawt metal, nawt metal).

So instead, here is somethang METAL – tha almighty GWAR perform most of thar songs from thair debut album Hell-O in less than 9 minutes. Ah saw them perform this live a few years ago n it was hands down tha highlight of tha evenin.


GWAR is one of my favoritest bands of all time. Ahve been listenin ta them since ah was 12 er 13 in high school, n they were tha first show ah ever gawt ta see on a skool night (GWAR n tha Misfits – 1998). Ah came back tha next day covered in fake blood n have been hooked evah since. One of my favorite high school memories is lookin up on stage n seein a Tyrannosaurus Rex battle a 12-foot tall robot, while a guy with a condom on his head tried ta mediate, tha whole time a woman in metal linerie whipped a mace around as naked guys in jock straps (slaves) hooked up tubes ta tha monsters ta facilitate tha inevitable fake blood. Oh, n tha band was on stage in crazy costumes, singin about bein from outer space n wantin drugs. It’s as juvenile n as brilliant as it sounds.

Hell-O! is far from thar best album, but it did set tha stage for many obscenities ta come, n that is priceless in my book.


Heavy Metal Tuesday!
March 8th, 2011

Maybe this’ll be a thing. Maybe it won’t. Regardless, here’s your first Heavy Metal Tuesday!

Today it’s going to be personal-like (as in, all about me). I recently found my sophomore high school picture that I had grabbed from a photo album when I visited my folks in my childhood home for the last time (I wrote an emo blog post about it that I won’t link to, hah!):

My first attempt at facial hair

Also, here’s a version of Ants from this Sunday’s Severe Bass and the Bad Decisions band practice!!!!. This was recorded at our practice space with two mics directly into my Fast Track Pro into REAPER. The quality isn’t great (the vocals are really quiet unfortunately), but it’s the first recording of this song being played with a band since the summer of 1999, and I think it’s halfway decent considering it’s just two cheap vocal mics hanging from the ceiling.

(BTW, streaming it usually lessens the quality quite considerably, right clicking to save and then playing it in the audio player of your choice will sound much better!)

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