More pics!

I finally got my camera back from Saimhein – unfortunately I thought I had at least one full-body shot taken that night but I can’t find it. So you don’t get to see my make-shift hooves (boots I taped faux-fur to). But here’s me and Dee (from think13):

N here’s me w. her albino king snake, Adam:

(total cuddle-bug)

We went to some massive halloween party that was held in the house Jimi Hendrix lived in on Haight/Ashbury, and ate some fungus. That was one of the most incredible rides home ahve evah had.

Last weekend my cousin Zak (who has snowboarded in the Deaflympics on the USA team twice) was in town for a conference so we got a chance to hang out. It had probably been about 20 years since we’d seen each other. We had a blast – tha highlight fer both of us prolly bein on Friday when I took him to my practice space and he banged around on my drums/played my bass. He can’t hear anything, but he could feel the vibrations and it was a very cool experience:

Then ah took him to all tha bars in my immediate neighborhood that ah frequent (4 of them). Aftahwerds we ended up at some random house up on a hill and stayed up way too late drinking even more.

Good times.

Ahm headed back East fer a short spell ta come ta terms w. tha fact that my folks really are sellin tha house ah grew up in. N ah will be hangin out w. some good people who ah dont see much anymore (cuz none of them have come to visit yet, grumble grumble).

Oh, n here’s anutha pic of tha backyard – thars still some junk that needs ta be cleared out but it’s really comin along!

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