Weekend Update – Late due to SEVERE illness

Sorry Henners, it took me a while to post my exploits this week b.c ahve been sick as a dog in and out of bed since the weekend ended. BUT, ahve recovered….

Saturday had me daein a lil bit of gardenin – ahve actually managed to salvage some of the few plants that were dyin left by tha previous owners. Ah don’t know what this is but look -it’s flowerin!

My basil is nawt daein as well howevah – it hasn’t completely kicked it yet, but it’s been gittin sicker n sicker:

Then ah went to Dolores Park to try n catch some of tha Bicyle Music Festival but thar was too much confusion about whar it was happenin. One of tha main reasons ah wanted ta check it out is a dude ah used ta know at Berklee Cello Joe was gaein ta perform. Ah doubt he’d remembah me, but ya nevah know.

Howevah, it was nawt ta be, so ah darted off to Journey to the End of the Night, a city-wide street race combined with Adult Tag. It was a blast actually, tha sense of paranoia that overcame you w. every corner you took. It also wore me tha fuck out, sprintin up hills away from Chasers n nawt bein able ta pace my runnin. Ah made it ta checkpoint 3 of 7 – n prolly wouldve made it ta 4 if ah hadn’t gawten busted tying my shoe. Note to self – shoes are fer losers.

That night ah watched tha Dr. Seuss trainwreck The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T which would’ve terrified me if ahd seen it as a child n made me run away from pianos ferevah. Trainwreck in that ah couldn’t look away – but man it made me feel creepy. Ah only wish tha scene whar tha kids gae apeshit on tha pianos at tha end had been accurately recorded – that wouldve been fun.

Sunday my legs ached n yelled at me so ah skipped yoga, called my dad, n then headed off to a friend’s fancy condo high-rise fer a pool party (Wet Crotches XII!). Ah didn’t intend to stay so late, er drink so much, er flirt w. early 20-somethings in tha sauna, but ah did n ah liked it!

Unfortunately, Monday ah woke up w. a cough n feelin pretty undah tha weatha. Ah went ta werk anyway, n then rode my bike all ovah tha gawdam place:

Why? to buy a shitty kids drum set. Why did ah dae that?


In retrospect, it prolly wasn’t tha smartest purchase – tha kit is a bit shitty, it doesn’t sound that great, n my only cymbals are tha hi-hats. but ah don’t really care. Ahve obtained use of a practice space on Sunday afternoons until tha end of tha summer – n likely longah – n ah plan on utilizin my sunday afternoons ta git bettah at tha drums. Ah haven’t had a set to use since last December, when think13 left our practice space, n ahve been missin them somethang awful. So, shitty drums are bettah then no drums. SWEET!

Of kerse, all this bikin when ah wasn’t feel so well totally put me OUT n ah spent Tuesday n Wednesday in bed. Tuesday ah woke up n did werk fer about an hour n a half n then had ta gae back to bed. Ah was late on Thursday n went home early. But

Ah’ve moved intae my new bedroom!

N last nite ah gawt one of tha best nites of sleep ahve had since ah moved intae SF – thar was nae street noize er bar musick er any of that shit. My new room is a lil smaller (n only has one electrical outlet), but it’s gaein ta be a much nicer place ta sleep.

Now, if only ah could git IKEA ta give me a replacement piece fer the lil screw ah broke tryin ta put my bed back togetha, life would be AWESOME!

Oh yeah, n Wee the Band is playin fer four hours tomorrow afternoon up at the Cannery, near Fisherman’s Wharf which will hopefully be teemin w. rich tourists who want to throw money and alcohol at us. We shall see…

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  1. flyraeven says:

    shoes ARE for losers. glad your feeling better.

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